Procedure for Service of Papers

Civil Process — Procedure for Service of Papers

Procedure for Service of Papers

Ex Parte’, Protective Orders, and Stalking Injunctions can be served by any law enforcement officer at any time.

All civil process papers requiring service must be processed through the Court Services Division if a citizen wants the Summit County Sheriff’s Office to execute the service. A constable may also serve most civil processes.

How to Serve Papers

Bring or mail the needed papers and related fees to the Court Serivices Division at the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, located at 6300 Justice Center Road, Park City, Utah. The fees are determined by the type of process being requested and the mileage traveled to serve the papers.

What Information is needed to Serve a Paper for Officers:

The resources of law enforcement should not be burdened to take the time and make the efforts to satisfy a civil issue between two parties. This is why the state allows for fees to be collected for civil process service.

All civil papers must be processed by the Court Services Division or by a constable’s office prior to service. Fees are collected and civil rules of services are followed. A citizen, including attorneys requesting assistance in the service of such orders should be referred to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office or, if they choose, any of the constable’s offices.

Information Requested

– Provide an address for the return service
– Provide a daytime telephone number where you can be reached regarding the service of your process.
– Provide the defendant’s full name, alias, or any fictitious business names.
– Provide the defendant’s home address and telephone number.
– Provide the defendant’s business address and telephone number.
– Identify the best times to contact the defendant at the address provided. Normal service hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
– Provide a full physical description of the defendant and his/her vehicle.
– If a business is being served, verify business license information with the appropriate licensing agency. In order to properly serve the process and eventually enforce your judgment, the defendant’s business entity must be named in your case exactly as it is licensed or incorporated for business. Specify the business agent. Specify an individual whenever possible.
– Provide two extra copies of the summons and complaint, or other type of civil paper.

Ex Parte’ Protective Orders, Permanent Protective Orders, and Civil Stalking Injunctions, for the purpose of service, are NOT civil papers and MUST be served by ANY law enforcement officer upon the request of a petitioner.

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