US Postal Mail

Inmate Mail

All incoming mail should be addressed as follows:

Summit County Jail
Inmate Name and Name Number
6300 Justice Center Road
Park City, UT, 84098

Incoming mail must have a return/sender address on the envelope.

All mail will be scanned and inspected for safety and security of the facility, excluding Legal/Attorney mail. Mail containing criminal content or is suspicious in nature will be confiscated and investigated for prosecution. Mail found to have contraband or that is unauthorized may be seized, placed in the prisoner’s locker, or returned to sender.

The following is prohibited:

Cash or Personal Checks

Business Mail

Bulk Mail


Musical cards


Postage stamps


Bodily fluids


Excessive media articles

Metal Objects

Sexually oriented material

Magazine and Newspapers

Anything that could be construed or perceived as a threat to the jail, staff or other inmates

Other Rules

Packages will not be accepted or delivered to a prisoner at the jail unless it has been authorized by Jail Administration.

Prisoners who have been released cannot send mail to a current prisoner for 90 days. Prisoners wanting to communicate with a family member who is incarcerated in a different facility must get authorization from both facilities before mail can be delivered.

Softbound books may be received through the mail using the “Publishers Only” rule. Which means books can be purchased through an outside vender (Amazon, Barnes and Noble) and mailed directly to the jail. Books will be processed through the Liberian and then issued to the prisoner. All books sent in will be donated to the Summit County Jail Library unless other arrangements have been made through Jail Administration.