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The Summit County Sheriff’s Office is an active partner in community projects, programs, activities, and meetings. Our goal is to work together with our neighborhood and business partners to create a safer community, provide valuable information for crime prevention, and encourage community involvement in being the “eyes and ears” for the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. With the community members’ help in observing and reporting suspicious persons or vehicles, together we can help prevent crime.

Currently, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office enjoys involvement with neighborhood and business partners where we participate in child safety fairs, retail store theft management, church and scouting group presentations, school presentations, neighborhood watch programs, homeowners’ association meetings, workplace safety, and various other community activities.

The sheriff’s office is always concerned about safety of citizens in Summit County. If you would like a representative from the sheriff’s office to participate in any group activity, present at a church, school, or scouting event, attend a homeowners association meeting, or any other community or business event, please contact:

Captain Ken Jones
(435) 615-3579

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