Prisoners can order quality hygiene items, snacks and beverages from their financial accounts. Commissary service is provided by Summit. Orders are placed on Monday’s and delivered on Thursday’s; holidays may delay the delivery. Prisoners who are released or transferred to another jail have five (5) days to make arrangements to pick up their orders at the jail. Orders cannot be refunded or transferred to another inmate.

Prisoners who are indigent can order Writing/Hygiene packs. Prisoners are indigent when they have a $1.00 or less on their commissary accounts. Packs will be charged to the account and a debt will be incurred.

Telephone Privileges

Telephones are available in each housing unit from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm to allow reasonable access for all prisoners.   There is a charge for all phone calls with the exception of the Summit County Public Defender, Valley Behavioral Services and Pre-Trial Release Services.

Prisoners are provided a pin number for their phone account. Prisoners may transfer funds at any time from their commissary account to their phone account to pay for phone services.

Inmate telephone services are provided by Securus Technologies. For information on fees, to set up an account or for technical assistance, call 1-800-844-6591.


All telephone calls are recorded excluding Legal/Attorney calls.

Prisoners or Attorneys must request “no recording” for legal calls from Jail Administration prior to calls being made.

Prisoners are restricted from personal calls during Disciplinary lock down.

The jail will only deliver messages to prisoners that are of an emergent nature or death notification.

Prisoners in programming or assigned to a work crew will not have access to phones while out of the housing unit.

Three way calling or call forwarding is prohibited


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