Corrections / Jail Division

Corrections/Jail Division

The Summit County Jail is a full service jail with the capacity of a hundred inmates. The modern design of the jail allows for integrated medical, dental, a self sufficient kitchen, and Summit County Court access. This design minimizes the need for dangerous and expensive transports. The Summit County Sheriff is charged by statute with the responsibility of “Keeper of the Jail” UCA 17-22-2 g. Any persons arrested within Summit County will be processed and/or incarcerated in the Summit County Jail. The Jail is authorized to hold pre-sentenced arrestee’s, convicted misdemeanor offenders, and contracted Utah State Prison prisoners.

The primary mission of the Summit County Jail is public safety. The secondary mission of the facility is to provide tools to offenders to assist with their integration into the community.

The Jail offers substance abuse treatment programs, GED/High School classes, vocational training, and life skills classes. It also has an inmate working program that; help offset the taxpayer cost of running the facility, give back to the community by providing work for county projects, and assist the elderly with clearing snow, and assist in the success of our mission statement by providing inmates with valuable vocational skills training.

Lieutenant Jon Evans – jevans@summitcounty.org – 435.615.3723