Civil Process — Fees


The resources of law enforcement should not be burdened to take the time and make the efforts to satisfy a civil issue between two parties. This is why the state allows for fees to be collected for civil process service.

Utah State Statute allows for the Summit County Sheriff’s Office to receive fees for process services. The amounts are governed by code. 17-22-2.5, UCA. The amount charged is determined by the type of process plus mileage. There are deposits required for certain types of services. Refunds are issued if service is not completed or the deposit is more than required once service is rendered.

Service Of Writs, Orders, Attachments & Execution $50.00

Attachment on Personal Property

– Executing an order of arrest

– Executing an order for the delivery of personal property

– Writ of Assistance

– Writ of Replevin

– Writ of Restitution

– Writ of Execution

General Service Fees: $20.00

– Garnishment

– Garnishee Execution Notice*

– Order

– Other process by which an action is commenced

– Subpoena

– Summons

– Summons and Complaint

– Sheriff’s Deed Delete

Writs of Execution, praecipe must have a full detailed description, type of item, serial number, etc of the property to be seized; if the vehicle is to be seized we must have a VIN and plate number, if possible, etc. When seizing vehicles or large items you must provide a name of a certified towing company or moving company. You will be responsible for any charges that you may incur. Our fees for writ of execution are the following:

Miscellaneous Process and Maintenance Fees

– Notary Fees: $10.00

– Copies demanded or required by law: $0.50 / page


Commissions for receiving and paying over money on execution or other process if the minimum amount collected does not exceed $1,000 2% of this amount, with a minimum of $1; and if the amount collected exceeds $1,000, 2% on the first $1,000 and 1 1/2 % on the balance.

Deposits Required by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

– Real Estate: Executions and Order of Sale $600.00

– Real Estate: Attachment $200.00

– Personal Property: Executions and Order of Sale $500.00

* Includes all serving of Writ, posting notices of sale, publication, recordings, certificates of sale. Fees will be billed or reimbursed for any difference.

Mileage Fees: $2.50 Per Mile

– Miles traveled one way for service
(calculated from Summit County Sheriff’s Office)

– Miles traveled one way for service for two
additional attempts (calculated from the
Summit County Sheriff’s Office)

– Miles traveled to transport a Civil Prisoner
from place of arrest to the jail

– Miles traveled to transport a Civil Prisoner
from the jail to court

– Miles traveled to deliver an insane person
to the Utah State Hospital from the courthouse


Description Amount
Advertising property for sale on execution, or any judgment, or order of sale exclusive of the cost of publication $15.00
Affidavit, Small Claims $20.00
Arrest, Civil order $50.00
Assistance, Writ of $50.00
Attachment, Writ of $50.00
Bond, undertaking, taking or approving $5.00
Cancellation of Sale, Real or Personal Property $15.00
Certificate of Redemption $15.00
Certificate of sale $10.00
Commission 2% on first $1,000, 1-1/2 % on Balance Minimum $1.00
Conducting Sale, Real or Personal Property $15.00
Copies of any Writ, process or other paper, when-demanded or required by law, for each folio (each page) $0.50
Deeds, Sheriff’s $15.00
Eviction, Writ of $50.00
Execution, Writ of $50.00
Expenses for delivery of insane person to Utah State Hospital per mile from court house to hospital. Actual and necessary costs for assistance shall be added $1.50
Garnishment $20.00
Garnishee Execution $20.00
Juror, Summon in $20.00
Keepers fee per day. Amount court orders to maximum of $15.00
Mileage $2.50 per mile (going only) $2.50
Mileage (extra) (if not served on first attempt and no more than two additional) (going only) $2.50
Notices of Sale Personal Property (Minimum 4 postings @ $15.00 ea.) $60.00
Notices of Sale Real Property (Minimum 5 postings @ $15.00 ea) $75.00
Notary fee (46.1.12) (UCA) $10.00
Notices, served $20.00
Orders $20.00
Order for Deliver of Personal Property $50.00
Possession, Writ of $50.00
Postponin Sale, Real or Personal Property $15.00
Recordings – Recorder fee to be added $10.00
Replevin, Writ of $50.00
Rule, served $20.00
Restitution, Writ of $50.00
Subpoena $20.00
Summons & Complaint $20.00
Trustee Sale (plus $2.50 per mile) $20.00
Trial of right of property $35.00
Civil prisoner – Jail to Court/Magistrates (going only) or point of Arrest to court/magistrates(each mile traveled) $2.50

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