How to Obtain an Order

How to Obtain an Order

Things you will need:

The police agency and the case number of the report on the domestic violence case. (You may get an order without them, but the information helps.)

The name and birth date of the person you are getting the order against.

The social security number of the person is also helpful.

The addresses you want the person to stay away from.

The description of the person and all of the places where they might be located. (This is very important, it will help the officers locate the suspect to serve the order on.
Include: Work addresses, phone numbers and times of work. Other family members’ addresses and phone numbers. Friends’ addresses and phone numbers.)

The kind of car the person is driving, with a license number if possible.

Places You Can Obtain An Order

Protective Order

Protective Order Child

Stalking Injunction

You may also contact the Summit County Victim Assistance Program

Megan Galati MA — Director
6300 N. Justice Center Road
Park City, Utah 84098
Office: 435-615-3851
Victims Advocate Home Page

Office hours coincide with courthouse hours.
Monday – Friday, excluding holidays, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Child Custody


Writ of Assistance

Unwanted Guest 76-6-206.4