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Welcome to the official web site of the Summit County Utah Sheriff’s Office:

Our beautiful mountain community has experienced significant change over the past few years. The Summit County Sheriff’s Office is committed to meeting every challenge associated with change. Cooperation with the community is essential if we are to realize our goal of preserving Summit County’s singularity and vitality.

Our professional deputies and civilian staff conduct law enforcement operations, corrections operations and special operations throughout Summit County. We believe we provide law enforcement services, which are second to none in the State of Utah. I hope our commitment to professionalism, integrity and duty are apparent to every member of this community.


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Preventing Identity Theft

Some thieves steal your identity the old-fashioned way -- by pilfering your wallet or purse. Others dumpster dive, fishing credit card bills or other documents from trash. Some search the workplace for Social Security numbers. Thieves also use the Internet, where with the simple click of a mouse, your most intimate information is available without your permission. Hackers can easily access personal information, such as your name, address, Social Security number and other personal data.

Star Minimize the amount of information a thief can steal. Do not carry credit cards or a Social Security card. Only carry what you need.
Star Remove your name from mailing lists. This will reduce the likelihood that you will receive unsolicited, preapproved credit card offers, which thieves can steal from your mailbox. Call 1-888-5-OPTOUT.
Star Never give out personal information. Unless you have a trusted relationship with the company and you initiate the contact.
Star Shred financial documents before you throw them out.
Star Give out little personal information on-line to minimize your exposure to hackers and cyber-thieves. Consult a Web site's privacy policy to determine the vendor's security precautions before providing any information.
Star Order your credit reports at least once a year. If you are a victim of fraud, you may catch it early to minimize the damage.

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