CodeRED®Emergency Notification System

CodeRED is a high-speed telephone calling system capable of making several thousand calls per hour to traditional landline phones, cell phones, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phones.

Please ensure we can reach you in an emergency. Included with this service is a custom webpage that enables citizens to add their home phone, cell phone, Voice over Internet Protocol phone numbers to the system, and register TDD/TTY numbers. To sign up follow the link from the Sheriff’s Office website to the CodeRED enrollment page.

If you don’t have internet access or you are having difficulty entering your information through the website, please contact Nick Wilkinson, Communications Director at (435)615-3571 for help registering.

CodeRED delivers messages to both people and answering devices.

Anytime CodeRED is used the number that will display on your Caller ID is 866-419-5000. This number also acts as a repeat function. You may call this number back at any time and the last message delivered to your specific phone will play along with the date and time of message. Save this phone number on your cell phone and name it CodeRED; that way anytime we call your cell number “CodeRED” will appear on your Caller ID.

CodeRED will be used solely at the discretion of Summit County officials for critical and important information. Potential uses include:

HAZMAT situations
Missing persons

Utility outages
Water contamination
Local Terrorism Threats

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