Swat Team


Summit Wasatch Advanced Tactics (SWAT)

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office, Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office, Heber City Police Department, and Park City Police Department maintains and equips the
multi- agency SWAT Team. The team is made up of several deputies and officers from the fore mentioned agencies. Members are cross-trained as:
Marksmen, Entry Team, Medics, Less-Lethal, and Hostage Negotiators.

The mission SWAT is to support any requesting agency with a tactical response to critical incidents. Those incidents include, but are not limited to: hostage situations, barricade situations, sniper situations, high risk criminal apprehension, high risk search warrants, and VIP protection.

Each team member participates in 10 hours of additional training a month in team and specialty assignments. Team members are also encouraged to maintain themselves in top physical condition.