Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court

Disputes that arise from a failed agreement or contract entered into by two persons that do not meet the elements of criminal fraud, is usually a civil matter. Therefore, the primary concern of Law Enforcement is to maintain order and keep the peace at any dispute resulting from a failed agreement. The disputing parties should be referred to their own attorney or to a Small Claims Court.

A small claims department of the District Court is designated to settle legal issues and problems arising from contractual or service disputes or other claims which do not exceed the sum of $5,000. A small claims court allows an individual or business to be compensated by a party who has not performed according to an agreement or who had committed some wrongdoing. Small claims are also handled in city and county Justice Courts where the same rules apply.

The Utah State online court assistance program gives detailed information that answers frequently asked questions, has an index of small claims resources, and links to the appropriate forms needed to file a small claims.

For more information go to: www.utcourts.gov/howto/smallclaims

How to Obtain an Attorney

The online court assistant program has a link to the Utah State Bar Lawyer Referral Service. See any of the following: