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Summit County Utah Sheriff Media Releases can now come to you. Keep informed on news, media releases and other current information by subscribing to our RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed. RSS is an XML-based format that allows users to place our content in their news reader and have it update automatically. Unlike e-mail subscriptions, RSS feeds don't clutter your e-mail inbox. Even though it may sound a little intimidating it is fairly simple to use.

My Yahoo ExampleNews readers are web sites or programs that are designed to be able to read the XML and display it in a way that is easy to read and understand. Many are free, some require a free membership, and others cost a nominal amount of money. Some examples are My.MSN and My.Yahoo (an example of which can be seen to the right). If you are using the Mozilla Firefox Browser you can obtain these feeds by installing the "Live Bookmarks" extension.

To subscribe to our feed, click on one of the icons at thebottom of this page or have your favorite news reader search for our feed by submitting the following URL: Please note: Feeds are meant to be read by software so the actual file may look indiscernible.
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